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Wiscloud exhibits at Dubai Gitex 2014

      On October 12, 2014, Wiscloud attended in Dubai Gitex 2014 at the Dubai World Trade Centre of the United Arab Emirates. During the period of the Gitex 2014, Wiscloud would exhibit the iWiscloud smart home control system and IOTACS (IOT automatic control system), which are both cloud based, to the public.

      The GITEX exhibition that held in Dubai from 1980, is the world’s third and the Middle East’s biggest exhibition for Communication and information. Now it has been the first platform for global IT giants and enterprise to express their capability. Tens of thousands visitors from all over the world gather here to share the most advanced technical idea and solution.

A corner of Wiscloud exhibition area

      On the first day of Gitex 2014, the exhibition began at 1pm. As our products have features of simply installation, cloud-based and automated wireless networking, many visitors were attracted to our exhibition area.

visitors are  interested  in our productions

Our staffs are introducing productions for visitors

      Wiscloud leads the trend and development of the smart home industry on the technology, in the cloud computing which is more completed. During the exhibition, our company "nebula protocol" had been gotten the high attentions and praise from the visitors. GITEX 2014 provides a good platform and opportunity to us for communicating and sharing our experiences with the international partners, exhibitors, visitors and traders.

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