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iWiscloud Smart Home Control Centre

iWiscloud Smart Home Control Centre
With the Internet of Things (IoT) devices, Wiscloud proudly present our iWiscloud Smart Home Control Centre. It is designed to integrate with existing home security appliances, integrate in home environment monitoring smart sensors, centralize monitor & control all IoT smart devices and provide remote connectivity control options. It is able to learn and compatible with almost all brands of smart devices and appliances. Smart Home Control Centre touchscreen user interface is designed with intuitiveness and ease.
iWiscloud Smart Home Control Centre isn¡¯t merely a remote control centre! It is a really intelligent home servant!
It’s smartness is unparalleled
1、Based on Nebula protocol, packet transmission is done through shortest network path.
2、Collect and process sensor feedbacks to automatically adjust environment configuration to optimal condition.
3、Monitor up to 24 Security channels. Supports SMS/MMS alerting and programmable automated local police reporting.
4、Up to 8 programmable control profile allowing one-touch activation for multiple smart devices.
It has long arms of control tentacles
1、Nebula protocol smart devices support meshed network control signal relays, allowing smart device range extension just as what you require.
2、One iWiscloud Smart Home Control Centre supports controlling up to 2048 smart devices.
3. Control via tablets, smartphones or online web portal.
4. Supports radio frequencies 315Mhz, 433Mhz, 2.4Ghz Nebula protocol and Infra-red signals.

It’s easily implemented and intuitive controlled
1、All controls are communicated wirelessly, no cabling required.
2、System upgrades are done effortlessly, transmitted through proprietary Wiscloud cloud platform.
3、Installation do not required trained personnel.
4、Touch screen based controls available locally.

It is reliable, designed with high availability.
1、World’s first reliable wireless mesh network that surpass LAN.
2.Login remotely to your home with our Wiscloud cloud platform.
3.Backup your configurations and preferences with our Wiscloud cloud platform.
4.Alternate fail-back control signal transmission through GPRS.

Innovation that changes how controls are performed
Wiscloud’s have products that range from end-point terminals, end-point control module to establishing remote cloud control interfaces. Households, commercial and industrial buildings, government establishments can now perform one-stop controls anywhere and everywhere.
iWiscloud Smart Home Control Centre
Cloud-centric computing solution to provide a healthy, safety, smart and fantasy living environment.
Cloud-based Health
Monitor and feedback air quality status from Wiscloud’s product range of air quality sensors. Based on this feedback, devices such as air-conditioner, air purifier or windows panel control can be activated as and when required.
Cloud-based Safety
Monitor location status for gas leakage, fire threats, theft and all other security concerns. At detection, inform relevant parties with email, SMS or MMS.
Cloud-based Wisdom
Able to take feedback inputs from paired sensors. Not only perform task execution from user direction instructions, but also based on time and event occurrence.
Cloud-based Climate
Monitor air quality and humidity from Wiscloud’s air quality sensors. Performs automated environment corrective measures based on triggered events.

Cloud-based Dream
In the morning 7am, curtains will be drawn and wake up to your favourite music. Air condition is automatically adjusted away from sleep temperature and television is displaying latest breaking news.
At late afternoon 6pm, the water heater is auto activated in preparation for your evening bath and house lights are powered on.
At evening 9pm, at one touch, your living room turns to the home theatre environment for you to enjoy the movie night.
Cloud-based Life
Cloud-based centralized integrated utilities control for households, commercial and industrial buildings. Property management can ledge on Wiscloud cloud platform to monitor usage on household¡¯s water, electricity, heating, gas and security.

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