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Wiscloud Cloud-based IOT Automatic Control System
The Wiscloud IOTACS(Internet of Things Automatic Control System) is specially designed with the cloud-based model in mind. It is able to connect over a hundred thousand control terminals to the cloud data centers. It is able to cover multiple districts with many points of control within the same centralized platform. Combining the data streams increases the capabilities of the system in many applications. This is particularly useful in keeping a District Heating system stable. Our platform is a one-stop solution for a centralized platform to control an entire city’s public services in addition to the water, power, heat and gas supplies.
IOTACS can perfectly replace the traditional PLC systems. It is broadly applicable to Smart Cities, Industrial Automation, Smart Agriculture, Green District Heating Management and Intelligent Street Lighting. IOTACS can be used for the full control of industrial facilities and implement energy saving measures to facilities as diverse as power plants, paper mills, chemical plants, textiles, smelting, machining operations and manufacturing.
Wiscloud IOTACS is built on the cloud. The users are not required to operate any servers or obtain static IPs. An ordinary PC, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection is all you need to access our cloud platform to control your facilities. All the data is stored on our cloud servers with distributed backups, so that the data can never be lost. The stored data is easily queried and analysed at any time.
No Programming Needed
The Wiscloud IOTACS uses an integrated touchscreen display. During installation, no programming is needed. It possess a perfect fuzzy control concept and fuzzy control algorithm which enables all input and output interfaces to be controlled in any combination. It is able to operate independently of the cloud servers. With a connection to the cloud platform, it would be able to execute exceptionally complex process control algorithms.
Strongest Control Capabilities
The Wiscloud IOTACS Control Terminal has 5 RS-485 and RS-232 channels and 12 dedicated expansion channels. The core system supports wired communication methods, and it can simultaneously collect data from multiple channels. Using the data collection expansion module would vastly increase the data collection capabilities to support more data collection modules and automatic meter reading modules. The cloud platform is able to collect data can control devices connected to all the expansion modules. A single control terminal has exceptional expansion capabilities, it is able to support as many as 4096 A/D Channels, 1792 IO, 1024 RS-485 sockets as well as 512 12-bit D/A Channels.
Open & Open
Wiscloud is committed to Openness. All Control Terminals, Control Modules and Cloud Platform APIs would be open. Software enterprises would be able to use their software to control IOTACS products and provide IOT automated control solutions and products. IOT and automation enterprises can link their hardware to the Wiscloud Cloud Platform. The cloud platform empowers the products of these enterprises with real-time communication capabilities. Even the historical data can be uploaded onto the cloud platform. Web developers can use both the IOTACS cloud platform interface and control terminals and enable their websites to control hardware. With IOTACS, software enterprises are hardened and hardware enterprises are cloudy. IOTACS will change the world.
IOTACSIOT Data Collection and Control Modules
Wiscloud IOT data collection control module integrates a touchscreen control panel. It possesses fuzzy control algorithms, it can use composite control on the input and output interfaces. It is a small but complete control terminal. It can use RS-485 interfaces for the cascade connection of 256 expansion modules. It supports synchronized commands between modules. The Wiscloud DTU supports independent operation as well as perfect cloud control, it can be networked and integrated with existing SCADA and PLC systems.
IOTACS 3 way RS-485 ModBus RTU standard communication interface
2 way RS-232 standard communication interface
16 way 12 bit A/D data collection interface
2 way 4-20mA output interface
7 way Switch output (Every output can withstand an electrical load of 100mA)
2 way IO inputs (Can be used for anything and expanded at will)
IOTACSM-BUS IOT Automated Meter Reading Module
Wiscloud M-BUS IOT Automated Meter Reading Module(Wis-06-200) supports the M-BUS and ModBus protocols. It is mainly used for the remote reading and control of water, heat, electrical and consumption meters.
Wis-06-200 is designed with an MCU as a cloud-based IOT device. Our customers are not required to build their own servers or use SCADA. It can connect one hundred thousand meters to our cloud platform for centralized management. Our customers can use any internet enabled PC, tablet or smartphone to access the data and control the meter services. The data is stored in the cloud data center and it can be accessed and analysed at will.
Wis-06-200 only requires a power supply and a DTU to create a perfect automated meter reading system. The installation is exceptionally simple.
Currently, the Wis-06-200 is able to connect to more meters than any other single machine in the world. One unit is able to read up to 1000 meters.
IOTACS The Wiscloud GPRS Cloud DTU is an industrial grade GPRS. It only requires simple configuration using the cloud platform or SMS to send all the data into the cloud. It supports two-way communication with the cloud data center to achieve cloud-based control of the connected devices. The Wiscloud GPRS Cloud DTU uses Keep-Alive technology to ensure it is never offline.
The Wiscloud GPRS Cloud DTU supports RS-485 and RS-232 and two way GPRS transmission. It supports access via domain names and IP addresses. It supports control via SMS and password authentication. These features make it useful for every industry.
Operating frequency: Dual frequency 900/1800MHz
Quad frequency 850/900/1800/1900MHz
GPRS multi-slot class 10/8
GPRS mobile station class B
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