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The Wisbox Mini

Wisbox Mini is the revolutionary smart home controller.
Wisbox Mini is the intelligent household appliance gateway that communicate with other smart devices on Nebula protocol. Wisbox Mini can "learn" how does your existing Infra-red, 315MHz, 433MHz remote devices work and substitute it.Wisbox Mini can be programmed to perform tasks based on time, event and human instructions.Wisbox Mini can be controlled via Internet cloud (with authentication), mobile application (Android /iOS) & PC.

Your thoughts, in action
Wisbox Mini - Enable smarter living
Each Wisbox Mini supports up to 30 "rooms" such as living room, master bedroom, guest bedroom, kitchen, study room.
Each Wisbox Mini supports up to 65535 electrical device control signals such as remote controls for television & air conditioner, smart light switch, smart power socket and integrated home security system.

Anywhere everywhere
Wisbox Mini - Able to control appliances of different locations
Do you wish to remote control your home, office, parents’ home or your restaurant anywhere everywhere all at one go? Now you can! Wisbox allows you to remotely control all the different smart home setups no matter where you are as long as you are Internet connected.
Oxidise your home!
Wisbox Mini - Bring smartness to the air you breath
Monitor air quality with our iWiscloud Sensors (temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, organic pollutant and PM2.5). When it is deployed together with Wiscloud air purifier and Wisbox Mini, the system can then perform event based controls where environment such as oxygen level can be kept optimal at all times. Air conditioners, humidifiers or dehumidifiers can also be added in to enhance the automated environment controls. Health, truly begins from the air your breath.

Leaving home without worrying
Wisbox Mini - Virtual home security guard
With 36 security channels, Wisbox Mini can learn to work with majority commercial security sensors through 315MHz wireless communications. Now you can conveniently arm and disarm home security system through your smartphone. In the event any security incident, Wisbox will sound off alarms and send SMS alerts up to 3 different mobile numbers.

Universal remote control
Wisbox Mini - Beaming up every corner of your house
Wisbox Mini combined deployed with iWiscloud integrated transceiver can control any device by Infra-red, 315MHz, and 433MHz. Now you experience true remote controlling from your smart phone.

Smart lighting
Wisbox Mini – Redefining how lights work
When Wisbox Mini is coupled deployed with iWiscloud smart switches, light controls can be paired up in any combination with no additional wiring. Pairing configuration includes: one switch linked to one light source, multiple switches linked to one light source or one switch to turn on multiple light sources. All light switches status can be monitored directly from your smart phone. Light switches can also be programmed to turn on or off based on event, time or user instruction.

Motorised Curtain control
Wisbox Mini – Curb nature light
Let a little magic into your life with motorized curtains. Wisbox Mini controls your motorized curtains across throughout your home. Now you control natural light into your home just as you desire using your smart phone!

Extending the smartness
Nebula protocol – Mesh network that relay control signals
Because Wiscloud products (Wisbox and iWiscloud series) works on proprietary Nebula protocols, control signals are relayed from Wisbox controllers to smart devices.

Role based controls
Wisbox – Prevent your kid messing up the configuration
Wisbox is designed with permission rights. Kids can be assigned with limited execution access rights, preventing kids from messing up the smart home configurations.

Life can be magical
Wisbox Mini – Smart devices following your lifestyle
30 programmable profiles. Each profile allows controlling 30 electronic controls. Each profile allows up to 3 time based controls.
The motorised curtain slowly draws apart. The security system automatic disarms. The TV is turned on and latest news flash is displayed. Your day begins.
As you leave home, the home security system is armed at a touch. TV turns off and all other electronic devices go into power saving mode.
Before you reach home, air conditioner is switched on. As you reach door step, the security system recongise you and automatically disarms. TV is turned on to your favorite channel, water heater is get pre-warmed and lighting are switched on when motorised curtain close off for privacy.
After dinner, you are ready for movie night. As you select your favorite movie on your smart phone, the projection screen is lowered and the Hi-Fi plays to the movie sound tracks according to the movie you have selected.
As you hit to the bed, the lights are dimmed and the TV would be turned off. The room temperature is adjusted to ensure the sleep environment is ideal. As you soundly fall asleep, the home security system is automatically armed.
Support multiple devices
Login to control your Wisbox from any web browser or Android app to control it.
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