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Vehicle Positioning System

Satellite positioning vehicle management system based on the Internet of things is a moving target tracking technology of building management platform, can be installed GPS on the track car, units of vehicles moving targets such as all-weather 24 hours online tracking management。

Platform built in electronic maps, tracking, monitoring, history, information query, multiple functions such as vehicle control module, the user-oriented design simple and intuitive interactive interface, users do not need to learn complicated computer, digital map operation knowledge, as long as there is access to the current position to a vehicle, driving speed, driving directions and other operation of take in everything in a glance.Main functions: real-time location tracking, history track record playback, alarm monitoring, listening to the voice inside the car, the car image, set vehicle anti-theft, overspeed, driving regional restrictions, send dispatching messages, car machine testing, set up the car hands-free system, custom labeling place and route, user information management, etc.

The scope of application of private cars, the unit team, logistics, dangerous goods transport vehicles, car loans, car sales, security vehicles, police cars, vans, ambulances, fire trucks and special vehicle, bus, taxi, rental vehicles etc..

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