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  • 1What is a smart home?
  • A smart home is one that gives the home owners comfort, home security, energy savings and convenience at all times, even when nobody is at home. A smart home normally allows the owners to control their appliances such as air-conditioners, heaters, televisions, entertainment devices like home theatre systems remotely by a time schedule or by a smart profile.
    Sometimes these appliances have the ability to communicate with one another. Being able to remotely control the appliances in your house means that you are able to control the appliances/lights in your house when you are at the office/on the way home.
    All you need to do is to use your internet browser be it on your mobile phone/computer. Under our smart home products, we have switches, power sockets, air quality sensors, security devices, control centres to bring convenience and savings of time, money and energy to you. Our products run on our proprietary Nebula protocol this means that they are able to communicate with one another wirelessly.

  • 2How much will the smart home set-up cost approximately?
  • Depending on the your requirements and size of your home, the approximate cost can vary from USD$300 to USD$3000 for a 100 square meters apartment.

  • 3Can I DIY your smart home products?
  • Our products are designed with simplicity in installation in mind. However, for selective products that has direct contact with Live wire, it is recommended that the installation to be performed by a certified electrician.

  • 4Can I install your smart home products without renovating my home?
  • our smart home series iWiscloud communicate with each other wirelessly, hence it removes the need to install physical wires across devices.

  • 5Can I use mobile phone to control your smart home solution?
  • Yes, you can use mobile phone/tablet/laptop/desktop to remotely control (Android/iOS app or Internet browser) our iWiscloud products.

  • 6Can your smart devices still work when there is no Internet connectivity?
  • The iWiscloud smart home solution run on a dedicated mesh network. All localized functions operate normally without internet connectivity. However, you will not be able to perform remote control via the cloud.

  • 7There are many smart home solutions out there, why should I select your company?
  • We can realize the remote end of the control, but we did not use mobile phone in the form of APP, considering the compatibility and practicability, we set Webpage end control, as long as the Internet where you can perform real-time remote control.

We welcome interested parties in exploring business opportunities with Wiscloud. Contact us at your nearest location for further discussions.
  • 1Nebula network
  • The nebula network is a propriety network that far exceeds beyond Zigbee and Z-wave.It is a fully automatic meshed network establishment that is able to transfer information using the shortest route with reliability efficiency. When compared to the current technologies, it does not require a controller – router set up like ZigBee where if the controller fails, the entire system fails. Each product containing the Nebula module is able to act both as a controller and router. Therefore, making a far more reliable meshed network.

  • 2Nebula module
  • The Nebula module is a (RF) Radio-Frequency Chipset that enables wireless communication with products under the Nebula Protocol.

  • 3Nebula protocol
  • Nebula protocol is a set of rules that determines the shortest route to send information to. This enables the information to not only be sent promptly but also reliably and securely.

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