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On the fourth day of Dubai Gitex 2014

      The fourth day of Dubai Gitex 2014,Wiscloud’s exhibition area was the hottest one,many exhibitors from all over the world came to our booth .On the fourth day of Dubai Gitex 2014, our company’s exhibition area was most popular in the exhibition region. Many visitors, exhibitors and traders from the world had been attracted by our products.

CEO Hu is interpreting the iWsicloud Smart Sensors for customers

      During the period of Gitex 2014, our major product of iWiscloud Smart Switch had been gained widly attention from visitors and exhibitors. The iWiscloud Smart Switch is one of the most advanced switches available.Each switch is basically a tiny computer that consumes a miniscule amout of power.The elegant tempered glass surface is tough,beautiful and functional.The touch sensitive switches are backlit and easy to locate in the dark.With automatic error diagnostics, synchronized switching and automatic mesh networking, this is the pinnacle of switch technology.

Staff is interpreting the products to the customers

      During the exhibition,we received a lot.About three hundred potential customers were willing to cooperate with us.For four days of Gitex 2014, we had been achieved more than 300 intentions of customers from a dozen countries. During the period of the Gitex 2014, Wiscloud had been gained favourable comments from companies and exhibitors all over the world. It marks Wiscloud will go into the global market.

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