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Wiscloud's Chairwoman Ms Ren Haichun gave a speech at an Entrepreneurs Forum

      On 23 September 2015,Yantai Engineering &Technology College organized a university student forum. The invited forum members are local successful entrepreneurs with include Ms Ren Haichun, Chairperson of  Wiscloud, the Secretary-General Dong Lijin of City Fire Protection Association, and Mr Xin Yuntao, General manager of Soft training management & consulting company in Yantai.

      Wiscloud Research & Development department had been providing internship opportunities for graduating students of Yantai Engineering & Technology College. Annually, at least 3 students pursue industrial practical internship at Wiscloud.

      At the forum opening speech, Li Pinggang, Vice dean of Yantai Engineering & Technology College, declared that "Cooperation month between school-enterprise" has commenced.

      During the forum, invited forum members shared their views on industry norms, corporate cultures, their expectations on fresh graduate’s skills and work attitude.

      Ms Ren gave an exhilarating speech on introducing Wiscloud work belief and corporate culture which was well-received by the students. She revealed her speech was actually inspired by dialogue between her and her daughter.

      Ms Ren claimed that every university student should dream. With a dream, long term goals can be set and you can interim goal targets can be met by working hard each day. The goal targets should be small and achievable, such as scoring better exam marks in subsequent exams, or improving personal relationship with your friends. Successful corporate depends on innovative and hardworking talents who dare to dream and making dreams into reality.
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