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How iWiscloud Smart Home can help improve indoor air quality

      The weather is cold in the winter and the people stady at home with the windows closed.So the air carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide,PM2.5,VOC and other harmful substances of air are bad for our body in the home.

      Monitoring the indoor environments real time

      So how to improve the air quality correctly?First,open the windows. If the air is not circulation,the virus and bacteria can float more than 30 hours.Then, Monitoring the indoor environments real time, if the air is Unqualified and the cold the elderly ,children and the infirm is not open the wimdows because of the cold air,They need to buy some equipments for Purification to carry out disinfection and to keep the air fresh.

      So,Wiscloud reaserch more smart sensors to improve the air quality, such as T&H Sensor,CO Sensor,CO2 Sensor,PM2.5 sensor  and so on .The smart sensors can be monitored the air environment real time.When the air is unquality,the sensors can be configured to trigger an event when the limit (upper or lower) are breached. For example: The air conditioner is powered on when the room temperature exceed 28°C or the ventilator is turned on when the carbon dioxide level exceed prefixed threshold.

      With increase air pollution, clean air is on everybody’s mind. Although we are unable to reverse the pollution trend, but we can improve air quality within our household compound through the iWiscloud Smart Sensors.

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