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On the Second Day of CES 2016

      Today is the second day of CES,Wiscloud is more popular,and the Wisclouder are busy with answering and have no time to have a rest and eat.More international purchasers from around the world , such as Amazon,are praise Wiscloud greatly, and hope to cooperate with us. The boss of local real estate developers and home improvement company is strong interest in the companys products, and invited us to his company to discuss cooperation in Losangeles when the CES end.

      Wisclou CEO Hu Kehui said,in the age of the Internet,iWiscloud Smart Home should is based on own technologies and provided users “One-Stop” service.Wiscloud allow users to fully understand what is the Smart Home of “Internet +”.

      Wiscloud achieves remarkable results in the CES, because of determinacy and efforts of the Chairman Ren Haichun,CEO Hu Kehui and the R&D team. We have faith to participant in the CES to show Wiscloud,because of our own technologies —Nebula Protocol, Embedded Operation System and so on. But above all,Wiscloud is China brand.and the Wiscloud productions are created in China.

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