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Wiscloud CES 2016 booth popular among trade visitors.

      Today is third day of CES,but Wiscloud is still popular, We have faith to participant in the CES to show Wiscloud,because of our own technologies.And we have faith to do well in the smart home industry.

      Security System : People are getting more and more demands for the security system.iWiscloud Smart Home can utilize technology to realize family defence. The system inclouding guard against theft, gas leakiness, fire and other functions.People can remote monitor and control at any time to know your home.When triggering an alarm in your home ,you can received text message timely.

      Home Automation System: The main body of Smart Home is home automation system,and in the  future, the system inclouding electrical appliances ang lighting. People can remote control this devices through iWiscloud Smart Home.Wiscloud has been created the steady the system.

      Family Experience System:People have more and more demands on life experience, In particular, in-home theatre experience, and people will pay much money for Smart Home.

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