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LED display module drive plate

The SSD1963 display controller

With touch 7 inch TFT LCD module, drive chip for the XPT2046 touch screen

Any 51/AVR/STM32 MCU can drive 8080 series 16 bit bus interface

Resolution 800*480

Module size: 103.4mm*41.98mm

MCU control interface: FPC1.0 30pin

Display interface: AT070TN92

With 4 wire touch screen interface

SSD1963 is the crystal door company production of a TFT true color LCD screen display controller, integrated with internal frame buffer 1215KB, display 16 bit true color picture to support the 864X480 pixels. Chip support different bus width of the microprocessor parallel interface is used for receiving the image data from the microprocessor and command. Driving it with LCD display interface supports regular RAM free LCD, color depth per pixel 16.

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