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iWiscloud Smart Home Control Center
iWiscloud Smart Switch
iWiscloud Smart Sensors
The iWiscloud smart home system is a comprehensive and affordable solution to integrate and control your household remotely and reliably.--- Details within
Each smart switch is self-programmable and provides real-time feedback of power consumption and operating status. --- Details within
The iWiscloud Smart Sensors can accurately detect environment status and can apply automated corrective actions for better health.--- Details within
IOT Automatic Control System
Intelligent remote meter reading system
Wiscloud IOT Data Collection and Control Modules
IOTACS is the next generation industrial control solution that replaces PLC systems-- Details within
Wiscloud designed the computing core based on the cloud intelligent remote meter reading system can be used for water,electricity,gas meter wireless intelligent collection area,achieve statistical time price,period power control-- Details within
Wiscloud IOT data collection control module is a small but full featured control terminal. It is integrated with a touchscreen control panel for maximum convenience.-- Details within
"The Cloud is the soul of our company. All our products are built on our cloud computing platform. Our cloud platform is a stable and reliable way to control your electrical appliances remotely. Through this cloud platform, we can provide the community with enhanced services. Retrieve, view and analyze all the data generated by our smart home system from the cloud. Help yourself save electricity and live healthier with this data.
The Wiscloud cloud-based IOT automatic control system (IOTACS) is specially designed with the cloud-based model in mind. It is able to connect over a hundred thousand control terminals to the cloud data centers.
The Wiscloud Group was established in 2007. We have a top tier development and design team and insist on independent innovation. Our R&D has led to the creation of our key intellectual properties such as the Wis-EOS embedded operating system, the Wiscloud Nebula wireless communication protocol and the WisOS cloud operating system.
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