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  • Internet of Things Automatic Control System

    iWiscloud establishes a set of energy management and service system, which is based on the cloud computing of internet of things technology.

  • iWiscloud Home Control Center

    iWiscloud is the world’s smartest, greenest, securest smart home control center. We have given it intelligent and learning abilities. It can integrate all home appliances and learn their remote control commands.

  • The touch remote-controlled switch

    Wiscloud has designed elegant and reliable touch sensitive switches. These intelligent switches can be controlled wirelessly or by touch. They are suitable for homes, hotels and offices.

  • GU900D module

    GU900D module is fully compatible with the SIMCOM’s GSM/GPRS module SIM900A hardware interface, it support CellTrack, multimedia message, DTMF, DTU industrial transmission.

  • LED display module drive plate

    SSD1963 is a display controller from Solomon Systech Ltd, 1215KB Embedded Display SRAM supports up to 864x480x24bit TFTs.

  • Industrial control board

    The Industrial control board has a 2.4 inch TFT touch sensitive color screen. It can display analog data acquisition, 485 communication data, PWM data and ifconfig. It can modify the system parameters on the color screen and controls instrument switches a

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