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  • Wiscloud Smart Sensors

    The iWiscloud smart sensors are able to measure your home’s temperature, humidity, formaldehyde, benzene, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oxygen and PM2.5. The data would be accurately displayed on the screen.

  • iWiscloud CO Sensor

    Wisdom Home Furnishing carbon monoxide sensor is tested on indoor carbon monoxide concentration. The product has the advantages of simple operation, high accuracy of Iridology, digital display fast direct,

  • iWiscloud Oxygen Sensor

    Wisdom Home Furnishing oxygen sensor can be used to detect the concentration of oxygen in the home. Product compact design, easy to use, accurate, continuous work, life enhancing, stable and reliable.

  • iWiscloud Volatiles Sensor

    Wisdom Home Furnishing formaldehyde sensor is used to detect the concentration of formaldehyde in the home.

  • iWiscloud Basic Sensor

    Wisdom Home Furnishing temperature and humidity sensor real-time detection of temperature and humidity, short response time, high precision, good stability.

  • iWiscloud CO2 Sensor

    Wisdom Home Furnishing carbon dioxide sensor to detect the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air.

  • iWiscloud PM2.5 Sensor

    iWiscloud Particulates Sensor detects dust particle levels in real time. It is sensitive towards dust particles of a large range of sizes. Particulate matter in the air can have a very negative effect on human health.

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